Frequently Asked Questions

Premature death of laptops can often be traced to overheating. Research conducted and reported suggests that 22% of laptops die from overheating. Inside your laptop the main chips (cpu and gpu) generate a lot of heat. To deal with this heat in a confined space the laptops have fans and "heat-sinks" to draw away the heat from the CPU and other main chips. Just as a car will boil its engine if the radiator is blocked with bugs or vegetation, so likewise a laptop will overheat unless the cooling system can suck in and blow out air properly. As the cooling system sucks cool air it can also suck in dust, fluff and dirt. If this happens over a long period of time (months or years) the cooling vents can clog up like the lint filter in a tumble dryer. So the fans can fail because of the dust or for other mechanical reasons. If these things happen the laptop will overheat.To make matters worse the laptop has to be totally disassembled to get to the fans and the fan has been unscrewed from the metal heat-sink to expose the grunge.

Simply put... we are laptop repair specialists and we do repair all in house. Our Reasonable, Ethical and Professional approach give outstanding Results. Our Commitment to resolve the issue within 24 hours make work easy for our client .

We supply aftermarket batteries that are very high grade and have a 12 month warranty. Typically the cells inside are Japanese, commonly made by Sanyo. With the AC adapters we supply we DO NOT sell generic or universal types as we consider these to be "rubbish". Most of our chargers are genuine from the Manufacturer; such as Dell, HP or Toshiba. Genuine chargers and high quality batteries are more expensive than Internet counterfeits but you really get what you pay for. We can and do also supply "genuine" batteries, especially Sony.