How to take care of your laptop in Summer?

Hot SUMMER is here and laptop is heating too much ....... It's something almost every laptop owner has experienced at one time or another. When technology cram that many computer parts into such a small space, without a lot of room for airflow, things are going to get hot. Couple that with a heat-conducting case—like the aluminum one on modern MacBooks—and you've got a computer you could probably cook an egg on. (Well, maybe not.)[...]

How to take care of your laptop in monsoon?

The first showers of rain certainly initiates a blissful relief from the scorching heat and sunburns every year but is nevertheless a serious problem maker for daily commuters as well. Considering waterlogged roadways and increased traffic jams, rainy days are just filled with all kinds of unwanted hassles you would definitely not want to face on your way to work or college. It's never a pleasant experience to enter all drenched at work. [...]